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LED Lighting

Helping Hands Electrical offers a variety of LED lighting that saves money and the environment which is always the right choice. Let us install LED lighting for your home or commercial applications. Below are features of LED lighting:

  • Help the Environment - LED Lighting is more environmental friendly. Saving energy reduces the toxic gas released from power plants and helps preserve our air quality.
  • Save money - LED has low electrical consumption, which saves you more money on your electrical bill.
  • Low maintenance – LED Lighting bulbs have a very long life, which reduces the need of frequent replacement.
  • Variety of lighting options – LED lighting comes in a large variety of colors and shapes.
  • Types - LED lighting comes in all types which can replace conventional lighting bulbs like: incandescent, halogen and fluorescent.

When you decide to remodel or build your house/business it is highly recommended to use LED lighting, because in the span of 10-15 years, you will be saving significant amount of money on energy bill and maintenance. Let Helping Hands Electric help you with your next LED project.