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Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting adds elegance, value to your home, and can increase safety. Areas you may want to consider for exterior lighting:

  • Decks and Patios – Entertain friends and family at night
  • Paths and Stairs – Find you way in the dark
  • Floodlights – Showcase your landscape and architectural elements
  • Driveways Lights – A friendly and safe way to welcome visitors
  • Fountains and Ponds – Create a focal-point for your landscaping
  • Landscape and Garden Lighting – Highlight your landscaping and garden
  • Flag Pole Lighting - Keep you flag raised all the time
  • Security Lighting - Lights with motion sensors can act as a deterrent
  • Automated systems - Lights activated by either a timer, photo cells or motion sensors.

We combine innovative design and expert installation to transform your home. Exterior lighting is a smart investment that enhances the beauty of your home while adding increased security. So whether you want to illuminate a particular area or showcase your entire home, Helping Hands Electric electricians can install the perfect exterior lighting scheme.